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Vagmi Rock Led Touch Sensor Table Lamp (70 cm, White) Brand Name : Vagmi Model Number : RL-9999 Lamp Body Material : Plastic Bulb Type : LED Light Color : White Power Requirement : 220 V Power Source : Rechargeable Battery Description : This LED lamp features innovative round lamp design for even lighting. It has 16 bright LED. It can be turned on and off through touch sensitive panel. The brightness can also be adjusted through this touch button. The table lamp has built in rechargeable battery, which can be charged using any USB port including power bank and mobile charger top. USB cable is included. Brightness can be adjusted in 3 levels. The lamp runs for around 4 hours on a fully charged battery.
Vagmi Rechargeable Touch Dimmer Study Rock Lamp 8888 Table Lamp ( White 30 cm, White) Brand Name : Vagmi Lamp Body Material : Plastic Bulb Type : LED Color : White Power Source : USB Light Color : White Description : Touch sensor switch is applied to this lamp and it has 3-Levels of different brightness: single touch gives lowest brightness, double touches medium and 3 touches the strongest. Adjustable brightness can meet various demands of different environment. After fully charged, the lamp will last 8 hours consecutively in the dimmest; 6 hours in medium light and 4 hours in brightest. The batteries are discharged when lamp is dimming it in time, lest it damage the performance of the batteries and reduce its lifetime.
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