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Vagmi Rechargeable Touch Dimmer Study Rock Lamp 8888 Table Lamp ( White 30 cm, White) Brand Name : Vagmi Lamp Body Material : Plastic Bulb Type : LED Color : White Power Source : USB Light Color : White Description : Touch sensor switch is applied to this lamp and it has 3-Levels of different brightness: single touch gives lowest brightness, double touches medium and 3 touches the strongest. Adjustable brightness can meet various demands of different environment. After fully charged, the lamp will last 8 hours consecutively in the dimmest; 6 hours in medium light and 4 hours in brightest. The batteries are discharged when lamp is dimming it in time, lest it damage the performance of the batteries and reduce its lifetime.
Stainless Steel Double walled Serving Casserole Supplier In Delhi ........... Designed for maximum temperature retention which will add warmness and freshness to your food for long hours, Cello's Lumina Stainless Steel Casserole is made of double walled polyurethane insulation which makes it lightweight and rigid. It has an insulated stainless steel inner pot makes it tough, reliable and unbreakable. It comes with a comfortable handle to lift and open the casserole. Its mirror finish stainless steel body adds an elegant look to the casserole
Double walled Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Supplier in Faridabad..... Serve Hot Beverages to your Guests in Style with this beautiful Set of Mug Set from 2 Daughters . Made of Stainless Steel, the Double Walled Construction helps to keep your Beverage Hot and the Exterior Cool. Each Mug has a capacity of 150Ml Each and features a mirror finish exterior and a matte finish interior. Suitable for Frequent Daily Use, there is absolutely no worry of Breakage like Glass nor concern of harmful chemicals and lead. Total Weight is 850gms. This Set is Value for Money and Surely going to get you some great compliments. 2 Daughters, has been established with a goal to offer a range of beautiful Plastic, Steel, Melamine and an array of other Functional and Quality Products for everyday use in the Kitchen or Dining Room to cater to a variety of consumer tastes and budgets. The entire range is acquired from certified manufacturers strictly adhering to Industry Norms and Standards.
Snack Serving Stainless Steel Bowl in Faridabad ..... Designed to be sleek and modern while still looking traditional. Perfect for dinner parties, events and more. Many customers use the serving bowl at events and parties for some really creative ideas like. These simple, classic white serving bowls are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Made of durable porcelain, the bowl are dishwasher safe. Stainless Steel decorative serving bowl made of foodgrade 304 steel. Easy to Serve snacks with dips.High quality stainless steel product.Unique Wave double wall snack/fruit bowl Round inspired design.Best for parties or when guests come over……..